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It is a truism of their discipline for geologists, ecologists and scholars of historical geography and archaeological cultures that the Carpathian Basin should be seen as a uniform region.

However, from a historical perspective, political boundaries played an equally important role.

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The exploitation of various resources, the economic relations between látás rövidlátás az regions and the broader landscape led to the emergence of patterns that are seemingly unrelated to the well-known political formations, while any changes can be but loosely associated with the known turning points of political history.

The study of these processes calls for an entirely different approach.

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The range of available sources is both narrower and broader than in the case of historical or archaeological studies, while the time periods can rarely be correlated with the traditional periodisation.

As a natural environment, the Carpathian Basin is extremely diverse and has a wide range of resources that can be exploited for economic purposes.

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The Hungarian Plain in its heartland can boast natural endowments that were regularly exploited by the stockbreeding populations of steppean origin since prehistory. At the same time, this pastureland is extremely sensitive to any environmental change owing to the confluent waters and the sand covering extensive areas, and any changes obviously had an impact on the conditions under which any economy could be pursued.

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In addition to farming a facet vision előnyei, the region is rich in ores: iron, copper, silver and a facet vision előnyei deposits as well as the salt mines of Transylvania and the Máramaros region. Most of the resources mentioned in the above call for an assumption of markets and long-distance trade, implying that elites had to have control not only over the places of production, but also over transportation routes and the associated markets, meaning that both military and economic considerations played a role in the occupation of strategic places.

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Additionally, some of the economically important places call for the presence of a larger population. As regards the latter, we should not lose sight of the fact that in addition to the resources to be exploited selected by the elite, the resources regarded as forming the basis of its wealth were equally important.

In this sense, spatial organisation is a dynamic concept which reflects the changes in environmental, economic and social relations.

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The analysis of the database forming the basis of the present study indicated that the transformation of the spatial organisation of the Carpathian Basin was not caused by political or military events, but by changes in hydrological conditions.

The new spatial organisation that emerged by the turn of the seventh—eighth centuries survived up to the thirteenth century with smaller alterations.

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The spatial organisation of the medieval Hungarian Kingdom by King St. Stephen in the early eleventh century was essentially based on these inherited structures.

The first minor modifications to this system were made by King St. Ladislas at the close of the century, whose most important element was the extension of the royal institutions to the south.

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These changes were all fitted into the existing system of spatial organisation. The eighth- to twelfth-century system of landscape use in the Carpathian Basin was characterised by the prominence of the Hungarian Plain and particularly of the Szolnok—Csongrád—Kalocsa—Pentele rectangle within the Danube-Tisza interfluve as an economic and, consequently, a power centre.

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At the same time, this prominent role was not coupled with a larger population in the region. Among the economic activities, the trade in salt from Transylvania can be best traced, although trade in livestock likewise played an important role.

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The transformation of the spatial structure beginning in the early thirteenth century ended in the middle third of the fourteenth century, in which the Mongolian invasion of was merely a catalyst.